About Hopoti

Our story began in 2015 when Ville was struggling to find a suitable stable for his daughter and even the bookings could be made only by phone at certain times. "Could this be easier?" The brainstorming and work began immediately together with riders and especially the stables, who also told about their difficulties. The following year, Hopoti Software Oy was founded. In the summer of 2017, Hopoti.com was released to solve the problems encountered by businesses and consumers alike.

The Home of Riding
Hopoti is an e-commerce platform that unites riding businesses and consumers. Companies can easily take their business online, sell all their services online and benefit from Hopoti's tools. The platform has been developed since 2015, and it was launched in the summer of 2017. Now over 100 companies worldwide are using Hopoti every day!
Finnish expertise
All five Hopoti Software Ltd owners are working themselves in Hopoti and are experts on their field of operation. Our agile team is acquainted with all quirks of online services and technologies. The service has been developed in co-operation with the Equestrian Federation of Finland and it's been awarded with Design from Finland and Finnish Key Flag marks.
Available in over 25 countries
Austria (Österreich)
Belgium (België)
Denmark (Danmark)
Estonia (Eesti)
Finland (Suomi)
Germany (Deutschland)
Greece (Ελλάδα)
Italy (Italia)
Latvia (Latvija)
Lithuania (Lietuva)
Netherlands (Nederland)
New Zealand
Norway (Norge)
Poland (Polska)
Slovakia (Slovensko)
Slovenia (Slovenija)
Spain (España)
Sweden (Sverige)
Switzerland (Schweiz)
United Arab Emirates (‫الإمارات العربية المتحدة‬‎)
United Kingdom
United States
Safe and reliable
Hopoti has been developed from the ground up as a secure, and GDPR-compliant, online service. Our infrastructure has been built on top of the AWS cloud service. Network connections are routed through Cloudflare firewalls and fast CDN servers. Our service has been audited by an independent cyber-security company.
Secure payments
Our online payment partners are Stripe and Paytrail with whom we provide diverse payment options, secure shopping and safe and stable payment transactions. We always use a secure SSL connection on our site to keep your information secure.
The world's only e-commerce platform for riding
Hopoti is the world's only e-commerce platform that brings together the riding businesses and consumers. Through us, you can easily find, discover, book and pay for all the lessons and services of the riding companies we accompany. We are a web pioneer in the equestrian industry and want to help both businesses and riders take their hobbies and the entire equestrian industry to a whole new level!
We’re a carbon neutral company
Hopoti's CO2 emissions have now been compensated retrospectively from the start of our business and we're committed to climate actions and offsetting our carbon footprint in the future too. Read more
Business Finland funded
Hopoti has received development funding from Business Finland. Business Finland supports companies that are innovative, have an awesome team, know-how and are that eager for global growth.
Become an affiliate?
As Hopoti expands to new countries, we are looking to collaborate with individuals and companies familiar with the market. Primary responsibilities are to sell, market and support Hopoti in the specified country. We offer a complete product, technical support and a rewarding cooperation agreement. Please contact us for more details!
We help and answer all Hopoti related questions in English and Finnish. If your question concerns any specific stable, please contact them directly, thank you!
Ville Salonen
CCO and Head of
Sales & Partnerships
Veli-Pekka Ahonen
Lead Developer
Tommi Salonen
CEO & Lead UX/UI Designer
Joonas Mononen
Head of Customer
Success & Support
Emilia Kokko
Developer and Customer
Success & Support Associate
Ilkka Jaakkola
Chairman of the Board