We’re a carbon neutral company

Hopoti Earth
We at Hopoti want to be part of the solution and, for our part, take care of the environment and future. In practice, we reduce emissions whenever possible. For example, Hopoti's secure cloud servers run on renewable energy, and our office favours eco-friendly choices. The remaining carbon footprint will be compensated by investing in emission reduction projects with a Gold Standard certificate developed by WWF.
Trusted experts helping us
Our partner in calculating the carbon footprint and compensating emissions is Nordic Offset, the Finnish specialist business of climate responsibility. Their independent experts have performed standard calculations for direct and indirect emissions related to our operations in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) protocol. Compensation has been made retrospectively since the beginning of our business, and we are committed to reducing, analysing and compensating for emissions in the future as well.
Forests as our compensation project
It's important for us to support projects that benefit not only the environment but also the communities. That's why Hopoti's climate investment is targeting Ethiopia, a Humbo afforestation project developed by local communities in conjunction with World Vision Australia. The project simultaneously supports four UN Sustainable Development Goals, benefits more than 50,000 local people and captures an estimated more than one million tonnes of CO2e emissions. Read more about the project in the Gold Standard Certificate Register (GS ID 10220).