A handy tool for all horse owners for health monitoring, maintaining medical information, and care & exercise diaries!

Horse Health Monitoring

The main responsibility of the horse owner is to take care of the well-being of the horse – and now it's made easy! Hopoti Horsecare has been created for this purpose, so that horse owners, caregivers and other key personnel have easy access to comprehensive horse health monitoring. In addition to convenient monitoring, the service also helps a lot in the management of horses.

24/7 Access to Medical Information

Leave behind the almanack lying in the cabinets, wrinkled paper and forgotten markings! When all the important medicine and treatment information is in Hopoti Horsecare, they are always safe and available just when you need them. Making entries is also so easy and quick that all the people who care for the horse can use the service and do not forget the entries.

Shoeing, Vaccines and Dental

You can mark all medical treatments, such as medications, shoeings, vaccines, and dental. It is also possible to add metrics, such as temperatures, weights and lengths, to the markings. With Hopoti Horsecare, you can easily have a well-maintained medical record, fit perfectly your shoeing intervals and much more!

Sports and Exercise Diary

In addition to the medical treatments, all training, exercise and other workouts can be conveniently marked in Hopoti Horsecare. You can also mark times or notes about your training. Diary entries make it easy to keep track of your progress and you can always go back in time and explore past entries and results.

All Easily Accessible in Calendar

Hopoti's familiar and easy-to-use calendar functions have also been introduced into the Horsecare service. You can browse the data in the Calendar or List view and select the horses and information to display – so you can quickly get the information you want. In addition to the calendar, the data of each horse can be opened in its own window, so you can see the previous and future shoeings, vaccinations and other markings at a glance.

Automatic Reminders

Who of us does not sometimes have forgotten something – therefore it is good to have Hopoti Horsecare to share the burden with you. You can easily create reminders for important things per horse and plan future shoeings, vaccinations and other events in advance. Things that are so important will no longer be forgotten, and even if you do, you can always go back to check those out in Hopoti.

Available on All Devices

Hopoti Horsecare is available on all devices such as phones, tablets and computers directly in the browser. With mobile devices, the Hopoti can also be added to the Home screen easily via the Hopoti menu. Horsecare is also available for your whole horse team, as you can add anyone like caregivers, coaches, stables, and other key personnel to have access to your horses.

Hopoti Horsecare's features are constantly being developed according to the wishes of horse owners and stables. What do you think – do you still want some feature added or should we change something? You can give us feedback via chat or email:


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