Official name Nickname   Breed Sire Dam External breed link
Wan Cool Dude Ace Tb Gamet
Alfie Alfie
CRHAmira Amira Connie x
April April
Hazelwood Coffee Bailey
PowerWalker Bob
Beezies Roll Model Cally Connie Breezies Echo Beezies Rolo
Marlaghs Chesterfield Chester
Clover Clover
Coolraney Coco Coco Connie
Cherry's All Star Copper ISH Misternando Diamond Grey Lady
Laharn Cosmo Cosmo
Darcy Darcy
Jolly Toy Denali ISH Boy toyM2s Easter Folly
Ballae Princess Donut Connie
Duke Duke Cob x Jojo She's Shining
Flame Flame
Princess Ginger Ginger Connie x
African Daisy Ivy Tb Double Eclipse Annienoora
Jojo Jojo Cob
Judy K Judy ISH Future Trend Hi Quality
Lady Lady
CRHLara Lara
Merel Merel Welsh x
She's Shining Mollie Connie
Young Pacom Oj Cob
Olive Olive
Otis Otis Welsh
Clon Pablo Pablo
Clon Paddy Paddy
Knights Court Rio Tb Requinto Tap the answer
CRH Sasha Sasha Cob
Tony Tony Cob
Brogo Toran
Wonder Wonder
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