Official name Nickname   Breed Sire Dam External breed link
IHRP Barbie Barbie Pony
BHFS Tullyroe Sweetness Belladona ISH Moon Ballet Scoby Bay
Brambly Hedge Benson Benson Cob
BHFS Bellecho Brú Brú ISH Echo Bay BHFS Tullaroe Sweetness
Brambly Hedge Catkin Catkin TB Bienamado Imperial Ride
Cloud Cloud Pony
Brambly Hedge Clover Clover Cob
IHRP Criodh Criodh Pony
Danu Be the Change Danu ISH French Buffet Coleman Hope
BHFS Point of Defience Dilly ISH Pointilliste BHFS Jos Dot
Donkey Donkey
BHFS Jo’s Dot Dot ISH Coevers Diamond Boy Unknown
Dove Dove Pony
Elmo Elmo ISH Pointilliste BHFS Jos Dot
Ardeo Neart le Míne Fabian ISH Metropole Silvanno LA
Frodo Frodo
Fuji Fuji
Hugo Hugo TB
IHRP Isaac Isaac Trotter
Molly Molly
Callafaoinish Marie Ria Connamara
Ballybrack Raymond Ringo
Rosie Rosie
Brambly Hedge Samwise Samwise Cob
Up Tom Tomás Pony Cob
Tonto Tonto Cob
Brambly Hedge Willow Willow Pony Cob
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