Brookhill Farm is a full service equestrian center that takes pride in providing the highest quality service to our customers and a safe, caring and nurturing environment for both horse and rider. At Brookhill, we are family and we are looking forward to meeting YOU!

Our program offers English horseback riding lessons in the following disciplines; hunters, show jumpers, equitation and concurrently host the University of Virginia (UVA) dressage team. The program has five (5) instructors with the ability to teach all levels of riders and increases the ability to offer more private lessons. All instructors are positive and share their enthusiasm and passion for horses.

The horseback riding program offers lessons to beginner, intermediate and advanced riders of all ages. Many beginner riders have not ridden a horse before and start with private lessons to increase their learning and decrease the time to advance in the sport.

Children start as early as age 2 with assistance from the parents, but generally are 4 to 6 years old depending on their physical and mental development. Horseback riding lessons for young children increases their confidence, creates discipline and increases focus for school while also building fitness. The children like the opportunity to make new friends and share their passion for horses. They also like to demonstrate their competence to their parents and through the show circuit.

Students attending college or the University find the sport of horseback riding relaxing, whereby decreasing stress created by their field of study and increasing their ability to focus and perform better at school. The students have the opportunity to meet new friends who have similar interests and share their passion of horses.

Many adults return to horseback riding after their children leave the nest and go to work or college. These riders have a true passion for horses and deeply missed horseback riding which makes their life complete. They enjoy the horses and get some “me time” to themselves. Horseback riding lessons offer stress reduction from the rigors of raising the family and balancing running a household and with their career.

Group lessons are generally 4 to 6 riders. A maximum of 10 riders are in special groups for families, birthday parties or groups of friends who specifically request to be in the same group. The groups are generally of similar age and riding ability. We have children groups, teenager groups, college student and older adult groups. Many riders don’t mind a mixed group and get enjoyment watching the youth develop their riding skills. Everyone is positive and supportive of one another.