Official name Nickname   Breed Sire Dam External breed link
Lisroughty Lad Ben
Clonshire Cisco Cisco
Castletown D'arcy Darcy
Dexter Dexter
Clonshire Fintin Fintin Irish Sport Horse
Jaron HJB Glasgow Dutch Sport Horse
Lux Boy Lindor
Clonshire Nero Nero Irish Sport Horse
Hollywood Tommy Onslow
Clonshire Sirus Sirus Irish Sport Horse
Clonshire Jackson Baby
Karlas Pride Logan
Clonshire Fletcher Fletcher connemara pony
Clonshire Sneak Peak Sneaky
Dromloughra Pippa Pippa
Hafdre Pluto Pluto Welsh Mountain pony (Section A)
Jasper Road Zeko
Joey Joey
Castletown Lorcan Lorcan Irish Sport Horse
King Fergus the 2nd King
Own Horse Own Horse
Kilconnel Sid Sid Connie X Draught
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