Official name Nickname   Breed Sire Dam External breed link
Ariel Ariel
Blackie Blackie
Bluey Bluey
Bobbie Bobbie
Bonnie Bonnie
Brambles Brambles
Chancer Chancer
Charisma Charisma
Comet Comet
Daisy Daisy
Dreamer Dreamer
Fanta Fanta
Foxy Foxy
Jasper Jasper
Jigsaw Jigsaw
Lady Lady
Lucky Lucky
Mary Mary
Max Max
Millie Millie
Milo Milo
Monty Monty
Moody Moody
Smokey Smokey
Snoopy Snoopy
Taylor Taylor
To add horses to your favourites, press the heart symbol next to the horse. The lesson instructor sees the favourites when making the horse assignment and can takes them into account.