Official name Nickname   Breed Sire Dam External breed link
Bullseye Boy Angus Welsh Cob
Bobby Socks Bobby Welsh Pony
Cherished Friend Buddy TB Harley Quinn Tea Company
FMF Ahead of the Curve Bug TB/Draft X Outflanker Take Two
Paint Misbehavin’ Buster Pony X
Chester Chester
Chico Chico QH
Yosemite Chivo TB Forestry Saratoga Surge
FMF December’s Chestnut Rain Chuck Pony
Coleraine Cole TB
DB Cooper Cooper WB
Corona with Lime Corona Hanoverian
Boondoggle Donny TB
Ghost of You Duke Clydesdale/TB X
Sheeran Ed Oldenburg-Holsteiner Sting Miskhanduct
FF Figaro Figaro NASP
Mount Fufi Fu ISH
FMF Galahad Galahad Percheron X
FMF Geoffrey Geof TB
Jack in the Box Jack TB
FMF Riverview Cruise Control Jake ISH
FMF Tuxedo Joe Joey Pony
On A Whim Juno WB X
Blues Will Do Lulu QH
Combat Diver Meatball TB
Take Note Memo WB X
Merry Melody Merry Melody WB
Have You Seen My Mittens Mitty TB
FMF Mosey Mosey TB Meadow Monster Moon Stepper
FMF Little Hug Muffin Miniature
FMF Murphy Murphy TB Scat Daddy Noshameinmygame
Wild Orange Myrri ISH
Despicable Me Obie Pony
Ollie-Oop Oliver Miniature
Patches Patches Paint
Quinn Quinn Draft X
FMF Reginold Reggie TB
Worth the Wait Roxy Welsh/Belgian/Appendix X
FMF Signal’s Choice Sig TB Signal Origami
FMF Smooch Smooch TB Gold Case Pucker Lips
FMF Sullivan Sully IDH
Tanner Tanner WB
FMF Frisky Biscuits Teddy Welsh Pony X
Take Two Tilly Draft X
Toby Toby Percheron/TB X
FMF Tuckahoe Bay Tucker Welsh X
Avant Garde Vaunt TB
Winston Winston
FMF Zack-A-Rooni Zack Pony X
FMF Zena Zena Percheron/TB X
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