Official name Nickname   Breed Sire Dam External breed link
Winston Winston Warmblood
Stormy Stormy Andalusian
Phoebe Phoebe Thoroughbred Cross
Ozzie Ozzie Welsh Pony
Oracle Oracle Warmblood
Ollie Ollie Draft Cross
Miles Miles Warmblood
Marshmallow Marshy Pony
Luigi Luigi Thoroughbred
Lola Lola Thoroughbred
Limo Limo Warmblood
Juliet Juliet Pony
Jessie Jessie Pony
Enzo Enzo Warmblood
Daisy Daisy Arabian
Cymarron Cymarron Pony
Bentley Bentley Draft Cross
Belle Belle Warmblood Cross
Archie Archie Warmblood
Arthur Arthur Thoroughbred
Abe Abe Thoroughbred
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