My passion for coaching came from my own curiosity about how to really connect with horses. I’ve always had a deep connection to animals and an enormous love for horses. I began training before I was 10 and after college I began to learn how we can holistically support our own intuition to enhance training. My goal is to help riders experience success showing their own horses with winning performances! I believe in empowering horse owners, and their horses, to reach their fullest potential by inspiring them and allowing success to simply move through them. My clients learn how eliminate those pesky show nerves, how to create a more responsive horse, and how to truly improve their riding success. YOU are infinitely powerful. YOU deserve to love your horse show career and be inspired daily. Every bold action step you take is a message to the universe- one that says, “I’m ready to make a difference. I’m ready to align my passion with my horse show career. Let’s do this!”