Riding Lessons for ages 5 and up.  Horses and ponies for all levels, from your first ride up to showjumpers and Clydesdales!

Our depth of experience is our strength. Our teaching technique has been developed and refined over generations. Combining traditional knowledge with modern teaching has helped us improve the skills of thousands of people.

It has been a learning experience for us too, and having taught so many people over such a long time has shown us what works and what doesn’t. Our methods are not static, we know that some people learn in different ways and we adapt our lessons accordingly. Our instructors are skilled at recognising your strengths and your weaknesses. We know that everyone learns in different ways and we have developed hundreds of different techniques to teach you the fundamental skills you need to get the most out of your riding and driving.

There is not much we haven’t seen and nothing we can’t help you with – we always have a different way of explaining something ready to get you to the next level!