Official name Nickname   Breed Sire Dam External breed link
Floralake Aiebony Orchid Dori American Bashkir Curly, full Meads Aishihik Twist Meads Ebony Spirit
Errel Little Dundee Erin American curly
Jane Mud Jane American Bashkir Curly, full North Big Boy Ebony´s Avis Jane
Winsome Onyx Laku
Winsome Dandelion Lilli American Bashkir Curly, full Pallas Sidnai Davadat Stag Creek Celeste
Winsome Full Moon Mona
Winsome Northern Star Noki American bashkir curly
Eagle's Plucky Princess Peppi American bashkir curly
Missouri´s Topsanna Topsu American curly
Victory Dream Victor American curly
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