Ease and smooth bookings, payments, horse care, accounting, marketing, credit losses, websites, communications, sales, customer register, reporting... Stop wasting time and money – get the industry's most comprehensive, efficient and leading online service for your business in minutes!

Introducing all of the business features on this page – check out Hopoti's key benefits for you:
Booking Calendar
Every company in Hopoti has its Hopoti page, which includes an advanced booking calendar. Lessons and events can be split into calendars to make your booking calendar look and feel precisely the way you want. Through Hopoti you can sell riding lessons, manage times and all the other services and products you offer.
Online Payments
With Hopoti you can sell single lessons, multi-credit Stablecards and series or seasons. Regarding your choices, clients can have the option of paying in instalments with no extra fee – also using booking deposit options are possible. Hopoti takes care of all your payments so you don't have to and your clients will always have access to all common online payment methods.
Sell all services and experiences in Hopoti! Arena reservations, trail rides, sleigh rides, private lessons, coaching, rentals, accommodations, special services... The client chooses the appropriate service option, time and participants according to the rules and schedules made by the business. Easy!
Are you selling livery yards or other repeatedly billed items that aren't suitable to sell through booking calendar? No problem! You can create Hopoti invoices with a few taps. Customers will see their invoices in Hopoti and can pay them using the same familiar payment methods used elsewhere in Hopoti.
Gift Cards
Offer and sell unforgettable gifts and experiences with Hopoti. Create perfect Gift Cards for your business right in Hopoti and easily manage their use. Use an open amount or provide a more specific experience. In particular, gift cards reach new customers directly through Hopoti.
Managing memberships and their fees has never been this easy. Customers can easily purchase memberships from the business in Hopoti, and companies can manage all their memberships in one place. Memberships can also be automatically linked to tags for discounts and various preferences.
The company can add tags to clients, lessons, stablecards, gift cards and memberships. They allow you to define who can buy what – and at what price. For example, with tags, you can specify discounts to selected clients or limit that less expensive lessons can't be compensated at more expensive ones.
Continuously updated
Hopoti is being updated regularly, and hundreds of new features have already been released. All new features are automatically available to all Hopoti businesses and users, and you don't have to worry about them at all! Hopoti businesses will also be able to influence the features to be developed with ideas and requests.
The world's only e-commerce platform for riding
Hopoti is the world's only e-commerce platform that brings together the riding businesses and consumers. Its benefits and advantages cannot be achieved with any other service. Businesses offer their services through Hopoti's unique platform, not only to existing customers, but also to countless new customers. Consumers can easily search and find the horse riding companies they need in one place, and book and pay instantly. Hopoti is a web pioneer in the equestrian industry and can also help your company take the business online and to a whole new level!
Add all horses and horse information to Hopoti. And not just information, but also pictures, videos and news! At Hopoti, every horse, business and user have their own pages where you can add posts. Horse permissions can also be shared with users and other companies, making it easy to get the whole team included.
Horse assign
With innovative horse assignment, you'll assign horse-rider pairs to lessons in no time. You see much helpful information about horses and customers in our horse assign view so you can make the choices with confidence. You'll also see things like clients' favourite horses, previous horses and much more to help you make the right selections.
Once you have your horse assign done, you can get it printed directly from Hopoti. Just choose the print layout that best fits your business and print it out, easy! All Hopoti printouts are PDF files, so you can also easily publish or send as needed.
Activity tracking
Activity tracking of horses is automatic with Hopoti. Already when horse assign is done, you will see all the lessons done or planned for the horse during the week, making decision-making effortless. Also, a separate weekly events view helps you visualize the activity of your horses and ensures that there aren't certain types of lessons too much.
Horsecare features take horse health monitoring to a whole new level. Mark all horses' medical and care information, such as shoeings, vaccinations, dental, and sport & exercise diaries. All information is easily accessible to the entire business and the horse team on the calendar. Learn more about Horsecare.