Riding clubs

Things can be made easier – add your club to Hopoti and save everyone's time and effort. All sales and managing are done neatly online, and you get access to our industry-leading system with all the innovative tools that you can't get elsewhere.

Sell everything online
Whatever your club is selling – lessons, memberships, events, camps, arena times, livery yards – everything can be sold through Hopoti. All the same smart booking calendars, sales features and invoicing options are available as with any other Hopoti business.
Manage memberships
Managing memberships and their fees has never been this easy. Customers can easily purchase memberships from the business in Hopoti, and companies can manage all their memberships in one place. Memberships can also be automatically linked to tags for discounts and various preferences.
Save time and effort
Start using the industry-leading online service! With Hopoti, clients manage their bookings, payments, cancellations and rebookings themselves. Save time and effort from you and the client with Hopoti's innovative tools. Automated payment flow, membership management, online sales, horse assign, ready reports and much more are available!
Sell all services and experiences in Hopoti! Arena reservations, trail rides, sleigh rides, private lessons, coaching, rentals, accommodations, special services... The client chooses the appropriate service option, time and participants according to the rules and schedules made by the business. Easy!
Cut yourself free from emails and call hours
Time-consuming email and phone hassle are in history for both businesses and customers as everyday routines take care of themselves! Hopoti businesses say now they have more time to do their actual work, such as caring horses and serving customers. Each company that uses Hopoti saves on average more than 20 hours of work every week – what could you do with all this time?
Hopoti – the best employee of your business
Is never on vacation, sick leave or having a free day. Available 24/7 every day of the year. Ready to help with sales, bookings, payment flow, accounting, customer register, online visibility, customer support and almost anything but cleaning the stalls. And doing all of this with a lot cheaper fee than a real employee! Watch the video as Hopoti businesses and users share their experiences.
Developed in cooperation with the Equestrian Federation of Finland and equestrian professionals
Website for your club
Hopoti makes it easy for you to create web pages for your business. You can easily add titles, text, images, videos and comment boxes to your pages. No coding or technical skills are required, as is not the case elsewhere at Hopoti. The pages can be used alongside your existing web pages, or you can replace them entirely. In addition, each page can be restricted to specific clients, groups or even staff.
Client register and communications
All of your clients are on the Hopoti GDPR-compliant registry where we take care of data security and other requirements. You also don't have to fill in or update the user information at all, as customers do it for you when signing in to Hopoti. You can also send emails and newsletters to clients with just a few taps as well as create pages that can even replace your website.
Horse assign and printouts
From Hopoti's toolkit, you'll find many features to ease work at the stable, including assigning horse-rider pairs to lessons. The praised horse assign helps to make sure every rider gets the right horse, clients horse wishes are respected, and that each horse receives the right amount of exercise, both daily and weekly. Ready-made horse selections are also easy to print using ready printouts.
Caring for horses
It's easier than ever to track a horse's health! Exercise data is automatically collected through horse assign and you can see how many and what type of lessons horses have done. You can also add medical and treatment information, shoeings, vaccinations and more. You can share permissions to the horses to the entire staff or individuals within the horse teams. Horsecare is included in the price for both own and private horses. Learn more about Horsecare.
Growing horse industry
We want companies in the horse industry and, of course, horses to do better. We actively promote the services and offerings of participating businesses, such as riding lessons, camps and gift cards. We reach potential buyers through Hopoti and many other media. Through campaigns and our Stable Search and Event Search, we increase the number of customers and purchases of our companies.
Everything in one service
Hopoti can be used on any device directly in the web browser. The whole company – clients, staff and horses – will be included too. You no longer need any other tools to run your business! Everybody benefits from efficiency gains, and no one's time goes to taking care of the basics.
Fast bank payouts
Payment flow is automatic thanks to Hopoti. No more handling cash or checking for paid invoices and bank statements! You'll receive payouts to your bank account usually on a weekly basis. Payments at Hopoti are tightly tied to lessons and stablecards. This way you can be sure that each participant at lesson has paid for it, and you don't even have to keep a record of any compensation lessons.
Ready bookkeeping printouts
Download all your accounting materials, such as payment and tax reports from Hopoti, and you can forget all previous binder exercises. The real-time monitoring of the status and finances of the business is made possible by clear financial views of Hopoti. Also, all our reports are available as PDF files and also as CSV files for further processing. Customers receive their receipts for purchases directly into their email.
No fixed fees or commitment
Registration is free and we don't rope businesses into any fixed-term contracts. You can try out the service for as long as you like, so everyone can be sure of the quality and suitability of our service. Only from the payments, we charge a fixed 3.3%–4.9% fee (incl. payment costs) depending on the region of your business. So no monthly fees, starting charges or any hidden costs! Learn more and view the complete pricing list.
We're here to help
You are never alone with Hopoti because we want each of businesses on our platform to succeed. Our customer service staff will assist you and your clients personally through chat and email. The Help Center has guides for most common questions. We also provide businesses with phone support, online meetings, and more, as needed. All of this is included in the price of Hopoti.